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Recommended reading

The Messy Church team have put together a 'Maximising the Mess' guide with really helpful advice on engaging teenagers in Messy ChurchHere are ways to help your Messy Churches feel more all-age rather than directed just at younger children.

The Messy Church team have put together a 'Maximising the Mess' guide with really helpful advice on Liturgy and Messy ChurchHere are ways of exploring and growing liturgy that make sense in a Messy setting.

The Messy Church team have put together a 'Maximising the Mess' guide with really helpful advice on how to finance your Messy Church. It's got lots of tips and hints on easy ways to make your Messy Church work on shoestring because 'you don't need posh crafts'. 

Let us know if you've got any ideas about how the 'Maximise the Mess' of your Messy Church on a budget.

The Messy Church team have put together a 'Maximising the Mess' guide with reasons for you to register your Messy Church on our directory. It's got lots of important points that take into consideration the previous guides, so definitely take a read, because we'd love to have you as part of the ever-growing Messy Church community. 

Messy Churches come in all different shapes and sizes, much like people! There is no magic formula for increasing the amount of people that roll through the doors.

Messy Churches have all different types of people coming through their doors. How do you make sure that you welcome every member equally and are accommodating to all people, including those with SEND? 

Over the years, Messy Church has grown hugely and we are now celebrating over 3000 churches that are part of the network. With the amount of registrations growing monthly, the amount of families attending this all-age ministry is surely growing too. 

The team has decided to put together helpful 'Maximising the Mess' guides to help your families to be excited, ready to come back each month and for you to make the most of your Messy Church.

We're interested to know your thoughts on operating a larger Messy Church.

Young children love two things more than anything else, playtime and making a mess! Whilst this means a lot of cleaning for parents, both of these things are essential during the early years of a child’s development. So why not try combining the two?

Getting ‘hands-on’ in a messy playtime session can be very beneficial to a child in three key areas…

A short introduction

Lots of Messy Churches use email to keep members up to date. The aim of this resource is to help churches know a bit about the legal landscape so that any emails you send to members jump through all the legal loopholes.

Our team have had some correspondence with an Environmental Health Officer who has provided some helpful advice that Messy Church leaders need to take on board to make sure Messy Churches meet all the rules and regulations around food hygiene. We would also expect based on this guidance that all Messy Churhces would need to inform their local authorities about the level of food provision they are making.