Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community

Session planning & forms

The following extra resources are available for Get Messy! January to April 2014:

  • Session planning sheet
  • Templates, mealtime cards, handout sheets, Take-home ideas
  • Mealtime card blank template

One Messy Church conducted some research to find out the best time for a new Messy Church to start.

You can see the results of the research (PDF), and you can download the interview sheet for yourself to modify (Word document).

Below you will find some examples of publicity for Messy Churches which can give you some ideas.

We've put together a helpful form that you can use for families to register at your Messy Church. The form is available both as a PDF download and as a Word document, so you can either use it as it is or personalise it.

The form includes space for attendees at your Messy Church to give:

  • Their name, dietary needs and date of birth
  • Their address, postcode, email, telephone and mobile numbers
  • Consent for photos to be taken

In addition they can say whether they are interested in:

This handy grid will hopefully help you to plan your next session for Messy Church.