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Another Messy year begun

Another Messy Year Begun! 2014 promises to be another amazing year for Messy Church in Australia. New Messy Churches are continuing to launch, existing Messy Churches have fired up for another year and many congregations are exploring Messy possibilities. Thank you, as always, for the contribution you are making to the Messy Church story!

Summer newsletter from the Messy Church network in Australia

Spring 2013 newsletter from the Messy Church network in Australia

Welcome to the 2013 Winter edition of the Australian Messy Church Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Australian Messy Church newsletter!

A highlight, for many, of the current term has been the visit to Australia by Lucy Moore. Lucy visited Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland and there was much joy, laughter and encouragement wherever she visited. Partly as a consequence of Lucy's visit, and partly as a result of the momentum around Messy Church generally, there are now more than 100 registered Messy Church expressions in Australia.