Messy Discipleship

Slowly and surely moving towards God - together

Messy Church Discipleship is one of our current projects.

What happens in a Messy Church is often very different to what happens in traditional church services. But the goal is the same: to make disciples of Jesus.

So just what might discipleship look like in the Messy Church context?

Messy Church discipleship isn’t about numbers. It’s about how we’re moving towards Jesus and becoming like him - as individuals and as a community, no matter how slowly. It’s about how we’re growing in our knowledge of God and in warmth towards him and his people.

And it’s for everyone - leaders included.

Initiatives to try out:

The Messy Discipleship Pilot

Would you consider putting a special focus on discipleship for up to six months? The Discipleship Pilot offers four different approaches, with suggested activities to help your church grow in understanding, behaviour and attitude. Choose the right one for your Messy Church.

If you choose to do this, please record what you’re doing and fill in a feedback form that will help us develop this valuable tool for the benefit of others.

The Self Review Toolkit

Explore discipleship through the Messy Church values. You could choose to look at how your Messy Church is doing generally against the five core Messy Church values using the Self Review Toolkit. Developed by the Diocese of Bristol, this useful guide will help you reflect, review, explore and develop the key areas.