Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community

Events and training

Did you know only 40% of leaders have done any Messy Church training? Don't let your team miss out on the opportunities that training from the Messy Church team at BRF can bring:

  • reminds your team what Messy Church is
  • refreshs a team that has been running for some time
  • inspires confidence and enthusiasm
  • allays fears and misconceptions
  • renews the team’s vision
  • helps you run your Messy Church to its fullest potential
  • makes you aware of the range of resources, most recent projects and developments 
  • connects you to the local and wider Messy Church networks
  • gives you specific skills to help your mission
  • interactive, hands-on, lively, conversational and often messy
  • a great investment in lay ministry by a diocese, district, region or local church network
The Messy Church team is available to lead a variety of training sessions on Messy Church for your church or area. If you are interested, please complete our booking enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact the Messy Church team administrator on 01235 858238.

A usual training day consists of a morning of Starting your Messy Church or Messy Church Values followed by an afternoon of Messy Church Discipleship. This gives participants space over lunch to spend time with each other and share ideas. A running time of 10.00 am - 3.00 pm works well.

The sessions below are the most popular standard sessions. Do talk to us if you have other requirements. All training sessions are tailored to your needs. Most sessions are offered to groups of 30 or more but we are happy to make exceptions.


Half day £180 plus travel (45p/mile) and accommodation if needed

Full day £320 plus travel (45p/mile) and accommodation if needed



Starting your Messy Church

For those thinking about starting a Messy Church

Typical Outline

An interactive presentation covering the basics of what Messy Church is and isn’t; its shape, values, national and international reach; the resources available to help you; advice on your own unique situation; FAQs. There is also usually a sample hands on session to participate in if time permits.


Messy Church Values

For those thinking about starting a Messy Church and those who need to renew their vision and energy

Typical outline

An overview of what Messy Church is, followed by an in-depth exploration of the five Messy Church values and how developing these will deepen what your team offers month by month.  Hands-on activities to enable discussion as well as participation by delegates all through.


Messy Church Discipleship

For those thinking about ‘the next step’

Typical outline

An interactive presentation exploring what discipleship looks like in a Messy Church context and what overarching principles to take into consideration. There will also be an opportunity to share suggestions that are already working in Messy Churches and to discuss practical ideas for use in your own setting from the Discipleship Pilot.

For all other session topics please enquire.

Training from non-BRF-recognised practitioners may mean your team receives inadequate or misleading information. Please make sure your training comes from one of the BRF-recognised practitioners.

Other topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Storytelling for all ages
  • Celebration ideas
  • All-age ideas
  • Messy prayer
  • Messy hospitality
  • Teenagers in Messy Church
  • Men and boys in Messy Church
  • Messy Communion
  • Messy Baptism
  • Messy pastoral care
  • Sustaining your Messy Church
  • Money matters in Messy Church
  • Meaningful conversations in Messy Church
  • Running a larger Messy Church (100+)
  • Managing behaviour in Messy Church


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