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Events and training

The Messy Church team is available to lead a variety of training sessions on Messy Church for your church or area. If you are interested in any of these, please complete our booking enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact the Messy Church team administrator on 01235 858238.

Use the following stand-alone 'bricks' to build your own training. All the sessions are interactive, fun, participatory and sometimes messy. Each brick lasts two hours. You could book a morning, afternoon, evening or full day. Costs below.

For example, you might choose a Saturday morning 10 am to 12 noon, 'What is Messy Church?'

Or a full day 10 am to 3.30 pm with 'Storytelling for all ages' in the morning and 'Messy Discipleship' in the afternoon.

Below these 'bricks' you'll also find 'bricklets' - shorter one-hour sessions that can be put together in twos to create your designer training day.

Why not plan the training together with other churches in your area to help cover the costs and make the most of the opportunity?

Two-hour sessions

What is Messy Church?

The basics: what Messy Church is, how it began and spread, how to do it most effectively and how to make the most of the five Messy values

Messy discipleship

Exploring what discipleship means in a Messy Church context, what strategies are appropriate for growing discipleship among team members and families

Storytelling for all ages

Improving your team’s storytelling skills, both during the Celebration and at the activity tables. Ways to tell stories effectively - different styles of storytelling appropriate for a mixed age group and practical ways of improving your communication

Celebration ideas

Often the most challenging part of a Messy Church - how can you make your Celebration the best it can be? Gathering, singing, story, prayer, liturgy, behaviour management, all within the bigger picture of worshipping God together

All-age ideas

Exploring the value of being all-age in Messy Church: grasping the bigger picture and practical ideas for bringing God’s family of young and old, single and families together

Messy prayer

Ideas for prayer at all levels in Messy Church - prayer during the Celebration, inspiring prayer from the whole church community, prayer activities and stations for all ages, praying as a team

Messy hospitality

Exploring the Messy value of hospitality - why and how we welcome families and others to Messy Church, how we can be effective hosts and fellow guests at God’s table. Ideas for food and meals and how to do this in a spirit of hospitality

Teenagers in Messy Church

Ideas for working with older children and young people in Messy Church to help them keep on belonging and serving Christ and their community as they grow older

Men and boys in Messy Church

Ideas and principles for making men and boys feel at home in Messy Church

Messy Communion

Why and how to do Holy Communion in Messy Church. Ideas for shaping your two-hour ‘liturgy’ drawing on the experience of other Messy Churches

Messy Baptism

Why and how to do a baptism in your Messy Church, staying faithful to your church traditions but working in a Messy setting

One-hour sessions

You can also put together a set of shorter sessions (bricklets!) lasting about one hour each on subjects that are important but quicker to deal with, including:

Messy pastoral care

Sustaining your Messy Church

Money matters in Messy Church

Meaningful conversations in Messy Church

Running a larger Messy Church (100+)

Managing behaviour in Messy Church

Full day

Growing Messy leaders day

CPAS brings their extensive experience of growing leaders in churches to help Messy Churches. BRF's Messy Church team and CPAS are working together to help Messy Church team members and leaders of all ages become better leaders through team-building work, leadership theory and reflective practice. These hands-on, fun, fast-moving and action-packed training days will give to those aged 9-99 (and older if required) the opportunity to understand more of the practicalities of leading a Messy Church, develop their teamwork and reflect on their inner relationship with God and those around them. Take your Messy team to a different level! Come as a team! Bring your leaders young and old! A fun, inspirational, useful and paradigm-shifting all-age training day.


A two-hour session costs £180 plus travel and accommodation if required.

A full day involving two two-hour sessions (usually from 10 am to 3.30 pm) costs £320 plus travel and accommodation if required.

The exception is the Growing Messy Leaders Day, which costs £720 plus travel and accommodation for two leaders. (The price reflects the costs involved in two organisations working together.)

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