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Publicity, logos, images, copyright

Can I use the Messy Church name and logo?

The Messy Church® name and logo are registered trade marks of BRF. Messy Church values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. If your Messy Church subscribes to and promotes these values, we are very happy for you to use our Messy Church name and logo. Read more and download the logo here.

Can I use the name Messy Church for a bank account?

If you're opening a bank account for your Messy Church, please make it easy for the bank by opening it with a name that makes it very clear that it is your Messy Church, as there may be several Messy Church accounts in the same bank. So the account name 'Messy Church' would be bad. 'Messy Church St Oswald's Henfield' would be good.

Where can I find banners, posters, invitations, T-shirts?

We've worked with CPO to produce a range of branded resources, including banners and posters. There's information on using the Messy Church name and logo on other things you produce and the parameters within which you can do this.

How long does approval take for publicity items?

For some items (see the logo page for more information), you need to gain our consent by emailing Please give us plenty of notice - two weeks at least.

Can I use photos of children in publicity?

We've put together some guidance on photo and image copyright and also some advice on taking photographs.

What copyright restrictions does the Messy Church website have?

View our terms and conditions.


How do I order resources?

Books published by Messy Church and BRF can be ordered from BRFonline - you will find links on each resource page. If you prefer, you can place orders by telephone (01865 319700, Monday to Friday, 9.15 am to 5.30 pm) or by post (BRF, 15 The Chambers, Vineyard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3FE). If placing orders by post, please make cheques payable to BRF. You can find out information about our shipping costs on BRFonline.

How do I order resources outside the UK?

View our page of international suppliers.

Starting and leading a Messy Church

How do I get started?

We'd recommend the book Starting your Messy Church to help get the basics in place. If you want to explain Messy Church to church leaders, then have a look at the leaflet An introduction for church leaders.

How do I register on the directory?

Start by completing the form here. You'll need to be logged in.

Do you have any advice about learning disabilities/special needs?

We recommend you start by looking at the resource Messy Church & people with disabilities. This resource contains a range of practical ideas, challenges and information.

Can I ask a Regional Coordinator to visit my Messy Church?

Yes. However, should you invite a Regional Coordinator to visit your Messy Church, the Regional Coordinator would be expected to follow your church's safeguarding procedures.

The Messy Church directory

How do I find nearby Messy Churches?

Head over to the directory. If you cannot find nearby Messy Churches, try broadening the search area.

How do I manage my listing on the Messy Church directory?

Below you will find instructions on how to manage your listing on the Messy Church directory. If you have difficulties, do contact us.

Editing my Messy Church on the directory

How do I edit my Messy Church?

If you added your Messy Church to the directory then you will be able to edit it from your account. First log in (there's a tab for requesting a new password if you have forgotten it), then you should see your Messy Church(es) displayed in a list.

If you click the 'View' link you will see your Messy Church as others see it when they browse the website. If you want to change the information you see there, click the edit tab at the top just under the Messy Church name.

I can't see my church on my account page

If you cannot see a link to your church on your account page (like the image above) then please contact us. Please do not add the church to the directory again.

After clicking this you will see all the different pieces of information relating to your Messy Church. At the bottom of the page there's a button to save what you enter. After saving you will find the new information displaying.

How do I change my Messy Church location?

Once you've logged in, click the Edit button. On your listing you will find there is a map. Simply drag and drop the pin using your mouse until the pin is in the right location. You can zoom in and out and switch to satellite view to make the location is correct. You can also press the ZOOM to my address button to centre the pin on your address.

If you have problems do contact us.

How do I remove my Messy Church from the directory?

Please complete this form to tell us a bit about your Messy Church and why it is no longer meeting. After you submit this form, we'll remove the Messy Church from the directory for you.

How do I change the person responsible for my Messy Church on the directory?

If you just want to change the contact name and email address that is listed on the directory you can change that while still managing the online listing yourself - just edit your Messy Church and update the details. If you want to change the person who manages the online information, please start by completing this form.

What information is publically available on the Messy Church Directory?

Information submitted on the Messy Church Directory is also covered by BRF's privacy policy and terms and conditions.

  • The information you give us will be displayed on the Messy Church website for other Messy Churches and/or those wanting to attend a Messy Church (with the exception of the final section as indicated). As this information is in the public domain we recommend you create an email address specifically for your Messy Church.
  • All the information you submit may be made available to Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church Team and BRF.

The table below contains specific information about which components of the directory information are public and which are only available to Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF.

Messy Church directory components

The name of your Messy ChurchPublic
When it is heldPublic
Contact namePublic
Contact telephonePublic
Contact emailHidden on the web (users can complete a web form to get in touch); shared with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF
Church or building namePublic
Special notesPublic
Facebook URLPublic
DenominationShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*
Type of church buildingShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*
Location typeShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*
Start dateShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*
Number of attendeesShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*
Personal addressShared only with Regional Coordinators, the Messy Church team and BRF*

* These items may be shared more broadly but this would happen in an anonymous way. For example, we might make public the average number of attendees at Messy Churches.

Training and events

How do I book a training session?

You can find information about the training we offer and you can make an enquiry online. Do also contact your Regional Coordinator to let them know what your training needs are.

Update my details

How do I change my username?

First, log in to your account. After logging in, you will be looking at a page with your username at the top. Underneath your username there will be links to View and Edit. Click Edit, update your username, then click Save at the bottom of the page. Please note that your username will be displayed against any comments you post on the website.

How do I change my password?

If you are logged in already, then click My account (at the top of the page) and click Edit just under your username. You will be asked to enter your current password and then your new password. We recommend you choose a strong password.

I've lost my password - what do I do?

You can request a new password. After completing the form, you will be emailed further instructions to enable you to reset your password.

Safeguarding and child protection

See the safeguarding page.


If you have been asking yourself if GDPR affects Messy Church, the answer is yes. Here at Messy Church HQ, the BRF office in Abingdon, we have been working on ensuring we meet the requirements of the legislation and looking at ways to improve how we handle personal data.

Privacy has been woven into the design of the website and directory redevelopment.

GDPR also impacts local Messy Churches. As with other legislation like safeguarding, this should be driven by the local church. It is not scary and there is a lot of guidance issued by the ICO and various church denominations.

We cannot endorse any particular GDPR guidance, but here are a few links to useful websites: