Messy Church Goes Wild

Messy Church Goes WildWhat is Messy Church Goes Wild?

Messy Church Goes Wild is the movement within Messy Church which aims to encourage Messy Churches to meet God outdoors, love the natural world, experience a sense of awe and wonder there and to be more eco-aware in all we do, both inside and out, as gathered and dispersed church, for the good of the planet. 

The book at the heart of the movement is now available!

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A number of Messy Church Goes Wild projects are underway that will encourage scientific thought combined with theological reflection in ways that are fun for Messy Churches/households to participate in. These projects will make space for people of all ages to come closer to God and to each other through a growing informed concern for God’s world and with the tried-and-tested Messy Church values at the core. As there is a multitude of groups, resources, ideas and movements concerned with families in the outdoors already, our USP is specifically the Messy Church context and tied closely to our five values.

While some groups will take their Messy Churches outdoors exclusively and wholeheartedly, we hope the expertise, ideas and attitudes generated by Messy Church Goes Wild will influence the Messy Church movement as a whole.

The Messy Church Goes Wild theme will be strongly featured in the Get Messy! magazine sessions for 2022-23 and will be a thread running through the third Messy Church International Conference in May 2022 (whose theme is Making a Difference). 

A volunteer support team of Messy Church leaders with experience of going outdoors, scientists and other outdoor church practitioners will cheer this movement on.

Messy Adventures is a project which has been funded by a generous grant from Scientists in Congregations. It is a resource which will be available in late 2022, consisting of twelve units of materials to give the most unconfident Messy Church leader the tools and confidence to take their Messy Church outdoors. Each unit includes fun activities with a strong scientific focus, questions to discuss, ‘Big Thinking’ provided by scientific experts and suggestions for creative ways of responding in Christian worship with awe, wonder and celebration.

This is a collaborative project between Messy Church at BRF, writers, scientists, the Diocese of Gloucester and pilot churches across the length and breadth of the UK and is coordinated by the BRF Messy Church team with Dr Dave Gregory.

Messy Church Outdoors

Many of us are temporarily taking our Messy Churches outdoors to help families and teams feel safer. We’ve created some simple, free suggestions to take the Get Messy! sessions outdoors for a shorter (chillier!), more active session that makes the most of being outside but sticks to the same theme. You’ll still find a much richer vein of ideas, articles and stories in the magazine itself, but we hope these additional outdoor ideas will help tide us over this stage of the pandemic. Enjoy!

Messy Church Outdoors