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We recommend you get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in training. For most of our bookings there is some discussion around dates after the initial enquiry, so if you can outline as many choices for dates it will make the process easier, especially if you would like a Saturday.

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Detailed information on the different types of training available can be found on the Events and Training page.

Please note: Organisers of events are responsible for arranging venue, publicity, bookings, refreshments, and any associated costs, including flights, food and accommodation for the facilitator if required. The facilitator will need a screen or blank wall, tables, chairs and parking close by. Please advise if these are not available. BRF will undertake to lead the day, organise the programme and provide input wherever needed. Normally we would expect only adults to attend training. If children are considering attending as participants, please enter details in the other comments field above to ensure this is discussed with our administrator.