Saturday 22 May 2021

Morning: Messy Church teams and leaders enjoy loads of brilliant workshops online

Afternoon: Messy families join in the Great Big Messy Church wherever they are


On the day

Join in on Zoom between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm (doors open 09.45 am) for a fun altogether national gathering of Messy people from all over the UK (and possibly a few overseas friends…). Enjoy up to three inspiring Messions, finishing back together with a warm and wonderful celebration. Have a leisurely break for lunch, then clock in again at 3.00 pm for a short and magnificent celebration on YouTube with your family, with your Messy Church families or simply with a pint of cider/cup of chai as you take part in the Great Big Messy Church! Will it be the biggest Messy Church ever?

You can simply watch the YouTube Great Big Messy Church on your own, but why not use the opportunity to help your Messy Church connect to the fun and give them even more? There’s an accompanying Messy Church at home session you can send out to all your Messy friends beforehand. Or you can put together everything they need and deliver Messy Church in a bag. Or by some miracle, perhaps you can hold a socially distanced or outdoors Messy Church using the session ideas by then! We’ll leave it to you to decide what festival ideas for the whole family you might include for added fun… live music, beer tents and wellies are entirely optional.

However you do it, invite everyone, young and old, to tune into the YouTube Great Big Messy Church at 3.00 pm and bring everything they’ve made. 

It could be your Messy Church for Pentecost or it could be a fun Messy Extra to celebrate this great season.

Why not arrange to meet friends in the Messy network and plan to go to the same hands-on workshop with your teenage leaders in Mession 1, chill together in Charis’ House of Cake in Mession 2 and split up then compare notes in Mession 3?


9.45 am: Zoom doors open
10.00-10.15 am: Messy Gathering
10.20-10.50 am: Messions 1
11.00-11.30 am: Messions 2
11.40 am -12.10 pm: Messions 3
12.10-12.30 pm: Messy Gathering
3.00-3.15 pm: Messy Celebration on Messy Church YouTube channel


Sessions to attend on the day

Each half-hour session will run twice across the day, and you will have the opportunity to attend up to three sessions. See below for a table showing which sessions are running at which times.

Charis' House of Cake
Led by: Charis Lambert, Dillan Gower and Graham Ransom
Come to meet three of the new support team members, to hang out with friends and bring your own cake! 

Prayer palace
Led by:
 Jayne Bartin and Paul Wilson
Pop in and pray for your Messy Church or ask for prayers.

Going outside
Led by:
Louise Warner and Mel Cleveland
Share ideas for doing more Messiness outdoors.

Messy planet
Led by:
Jane Leadbetter
How do we care for our planet by making our Messy Churches greener?

Messy Church Goes Cyber
Led by:
Vickie, Chris and Dylan Heydon-Matterface
Hear all about the exciting digital church plant.

Messy Vintage
Led by:
Jill Phipps and Katie Norman
Find out about this offshoot of Messy Church for older people.

Making a Messy splash
Led by:
Aike Kennett-Brown
Discover the fun of reimagining baptism and Communion for Messy Church.

MESS-AI Church
Led by:
Dr Dave Gregory
A new Messy project using Lego robots to explore: who are robots? What are humans?

Holy Habits in Messy Church
Led by:
Andrew Roberts and Karen Laister
Chat about how these two godly movements work together. Discover the Holy Habits in Messy Church book.

Messy Church in a bag
Led by:
Hannah Tarring
Pick up ideas for Messy Church in a bag, even after lockdown.

The godfamily picnic
Led by
: Mary Hawes
Hear all about how your Messy Church can get involved in a national celebration of godparents.

Minecraft in Messy Church
Led by
: Linda Galpin and Kevin Colyer
How one church is using this creative online game for mission.

Dream teams
Led by:
Jane Butcher
Recruiting, training and giving your volunteers the best ever time.

Young Messy leaders
Led by:
Jonathan Bland, Cameron Breward and Lucy Moore
The teenagers leading the Young Messy Leaders Zooms share thoughts and answer your questions about teenagers in Messy Church.

Picking up post-pandemic
Led by:
Dawn Savidge
Bring your questions and thoughts about relaunching your Messy Church.

Messy money
Led by:
Jay Elliott and Alice Willington
Help from BRF’s Finance Officer and a member of BRF’s Fundraising team to help YOU raise money for your local Messy needs.

Where's the 'on' button?
Led by:
Ruth and Kevin Gray
Come and chat about all things Messily techie.

A Voyage of Discovery
Led by:
Kathy and David Bland
Hear about highlights from the important recent Messy discipleship research.

A nice mess you've gotten us into
Led by:
Catherine Johnson
Think about ways of supporting Messy families to build resilience and mental well-being.

Chat and catch prayer
Led by
: Kate Irvine
One of the Parenting for Faith team shares a great prayer idea for families.

Messy Mary imagines
Led by:
Mary Judkins
Using our imagination for using visual aids creatively.

Seriously Messy
Led by
: Joanna Collicutt and Martyn Payne
Dealing with loss from the authors of Seriously Messy


Mession 1
10.20-10.50 am
Mession 2
11.00-11.30 am
Mession 3
11.40 am-12.10 pm
 Charis' House of CakeCharis' House of Cake
 Palace of prayerPalace of prayer
Going outsideGoing outside 
 Messy planetMessy planet
Messy Church Goes CyberMessy Church Goes Cyber 
Messy Vintage Messy Vintage
Making a Messy splashMaking a Messy splash 
 MESS-AI ChurchMESS-AI Church
Holy Habits in Messy Church Holy Habits in Messy Church
 Messy Church in a bagMessy Church in a bag
The godfamily picnicThe godfamily picnic 
Minecraft in Messy Church Minecraft in Messy Church
Dream teamsDream teams 
Young Messy leadersYoung Messy leaders 
Picking up post-pandemicPicking up post-pandemic 
Messy money Messy money
Where's the 'on' button? Where's the 'on' button?
 A Voyage of DiscoveryA Voyage of Discovery
A nice mess you've gotten us into A nice mess you've gotten us into
 Chat and catch prayerChat and catch prayer
 Messy Mary imaginesMessy Mary imagines
Seriously MessySeriously Messy