On Saturday 22 May 2021, we had a fun altogether national gathering of Messy people from all over the UK (and possibly a few overseas friends…). We took part in some inspiring Messions, finishing back together with a warm and wonderful gathering. After a leisurely break for lunch, we clocked in again in the afternoon for a short and magnificent celebration on YouTube with our families, with our Messy Church families or simply with a pint of cider/cup of chai as we took part in the Great Big Messy Church! Was it the biggest Messy Church ever?

Mession resources

There were 22 inspiring Messions on the day. Below you will find some resources from some of the Messions, in case you couldn't take part or want to revisit the topic.

Going outside by Louise Warner and Mel Cleveland

Download PowerPoint

Messy Church Goes Cyber by Vickie, Chris and Dylan Heydon-Matterface

Making a Messy splash by Aike Kennett-Brown

Minecraft in Messy Church by Linda Galpin and Kevin Colyer

Download the PowerPoint

Messy money by Jay Elliott and Alice Willington

Download 'Top tips for community fundraising'

A nice mess you've gotten us into by Catherine Johnson

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Messy Mary imagines by Mary Judkins