The Messy Church £100 appeal

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Will you help Messy Church?

Nearly all Messy Church leaders (81%) agree that being part of this resourced network is what keeps them going and enables them to share the gospel.*

Together with the wider resources of BRF, our small but perfectly formed Messy Church team does an incredible amount of work training, advising, resourcing, inspiring and encouraging Messy Churches everywhere. Their vision and all they do is at the heart of the Messy Church movement, and their work is mostly funded through donations.

That’s what the annual Messy Church £100 appeal is all about. A £100 donation from each Messy Church would allow The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF – the home of Messy Church) to continue to invest in growing Messy Church.

* In the 2017 Messy Church Survey, 81% of Messy Church Leaders said they appreciated being part of the Messy Church network and 94% said it enabled them to share the gospel.

How Messy Church is making a difference


Could you ask your church to donate?

This year we're asking all Messy Churches to please consider prayerfully whether their church could contribute £100.

  • Could you download a pack and give this information to your church leader and ask them to prayerfully consider donating to our appeal?
  • Could you share our appeal videos with your church?

We're truly grateful for your support in sustaining the wider Messy Church ministry. If you'd like to discuss the Messy Church £100 Appeal with BRF's fundraising team, please get in touch.

Thank you in advance for your donation.

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Messy Church is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship

The work of BRF's Messy Church team is almost entirely funded by donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts.