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Are you the 500th?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 22 Oct 2010

We now have 489 Messy Churches on the Directory! This is phenomenal, even to those of us, who, like me, are innumerate and find it hard to picture so many ('If all the Messy Churches were together in one room, they would be as messy as....')

It could be you! Sign up now! If you've been procrastinating, don't delay!

And on a more serious and motivating note, I had an email from someone this week who wanted to know if there was a local Messy Church to go to (in Bridlington actually) as she'd moved to the area and her previous minister had suggested she joined a Messy Church with her five-year-old. There are no Messy Churches on the Directory in Bridlington: how good it would have been to have helped this family find a warm Christian welcome in her neighboorhood through looking on the Directory: signing up is a definite missionary act!

And, Bridlington, can you give us a happy ending to this story?