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Aussie 12 August Angst

Posted by Lucy Moore on 12 Aug 2011

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We are tourists! Drove into Sydney (aaargh), for which act alone I deserve an OBE, and spent the day viewing Sydney 'sous la pluie' - not how it should be seen, so we saved ferry trips for a sunnier day. The Opera House is still impressive, but a white building seen against a white, cloudy sky lacks that postcard je ne sais quoi. In fact, it was very well camouflaged.

And a lively evening enjoying the hospitality of Peter and Christine Jensen in their home and sharing thoughts about Messy Church and other ways God is moving in the diocese of Sydney and further afield. Arthur and I are very impressed with a drink called, I think, 'lemon bitters'? Peter gave Arthur a book about the Dangerous Animals of Australia to peruse while we were chatting. The book was worryingly large.