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Aussie 8 August anniversary

Posted by Lucy Moore on 08 Aug 2011

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Brisbane! Sunshine! Warmth! Holiday! Wedding anniversary! And this is midwinter: lunch outside by the waterfall of the art gallery. It just doesn't get better. In the evening we were taken to have a meal with a Messy Church team from a local Anglican church, who had come across the concept when their curate, Jeanette Jamieson, was asking a Fresh Expressions adviser how to build on their Mainly Music successes. They've done four Messy Churches and welcome between 100 and 180 people at each one: formidable. We had a cosy comfortable evening in their company and it was a real privilege to be welcomed into Jeanette and Allen's home.

Paul and Arthur walk in the footsteps of Captain Cook. (Arthur is left-handed.) The carving on the statue says something like 'Captain Cook discovers Australia' in glorious colonial arrogance.