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Big Lunch

Posted by Lucy Moore on 01 Jun 2009

As food is dear to the Messy heart, here's a great idea to get families eating together in your area: The Big Lunch!

You plant food this month with the aim of eating it together at a big lunch party next month on 19 July. (Personally I may have a cucumber ripe but otherwise we'll be eating nothing but stunted basil and the odd nasturtium. Tempting, I know.)

You could incorporate a craft activity: plant fast-growing seeds in your June Messy Church. The traditional cress-on-a flannel is such fun, or plant radishes in the church garden. It's a national scheme initiated by the Eden Project and backed by the Church of England.

If it's all too much too soon for this year, why not bung it in the diary for next year?

Check out The Big Lunch.