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Chichester Fiesta and Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Jun 2009

On Sunday I was privileged to take part in a day of activities with Christ Church Methodist Church in Chichester - a blissfully short distance from home. The morning was a mini-Fiesta for their own church and a church in Worthing who are thinking of starting one, making use of their newly rebuilt hall. The afternoon was an actual Messy Church for local people on the theme of the prodigal son. There were about 30 people at the event - numbers were lower than expected at the Messy Church but that might have been because it was a beautiful day outside!

Memories to treasure as always: a small boy blowing into paint through a straw for ages with great joy and concentration and emerging with a fine purple beard... the sense of God's call from the church who felt that God was putting everything in place for them to start Messy Church... an eight- year-old's delight in drawing in great detail all the things that the prodigal son might have dreamed of while he was in the pigsty (including MP3 player and walking alarm clock)... the click of imagination from one member of the team who is a trained artist and who suddenly saw the craft activities of Messy Church in a new light... A good day.