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Coronavirus advice

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Mar 2020

Many leaders are asking for our advice about whether or not to postpone Messy Church during the present coronavirus outbreak. Our advice is to follow the guidelines put out by the government and your denomination. For example, in the UK:

Some areas Messy Churches may want to consider are: whether you can eat together safely, whether there are sufficient hand-washing facilities and whether it’s possible to share materials and equipment hygienically. And, given the age spread of the Messy Church attendees and team, are there people who are in the at risk groups?

  • If you decide to postpone, you may wish to use the postponed logo on social media to make sure your Messy congregation is aware that it’s only temporary.
  • You could text or phone members of your Messy congregation who may be feeling isolated.
  • You could connect those who can’t find essentials like loo-roll with those who have some to spare.
  • Share a song you sing in Messy Church that could be used to wash hands to.
  • And of course, please remember all those personally affected by the spread of the virus in your prayers.

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