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Denominational mess!

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 03 Jul 2019

Good to hear from Jan Greenough about how she is part of an ecumenical Messy Church:

‘North Abingdon Messy Church is a denominational Mess! It is jointly run by teams from Peachcroft Christian Centre (an ecumenical church itself, with four sponsoring denominations, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and URC) and All Saints Methodist Church. Two of us were introduced by a mutual friend at a BRF event in Dorchester Abbey in 2008. “I’d love to start a Messy Church,” said Jan from All Saints Church, “but I don’t think we have enough people…” “I’d love to start a Messy Church,” replied Marion from Peachcroft, “but we don’t have the right premises…” And we looked at each other speculatively. Talk about a God-directed encounter.

‘We meet at All Saints (washable floors in the hall, a kitchen with a serving hatch and a comfortable carpeted church). All Saints organises the activities, pays for the craft materials and prints materials. Peachcroft (too much carpet!) organises the Prayer Space and the kitchen arrangements and pays for the food. Two from each church meet to plan the sessions. The kitchen team, set-up and clear-away team, activity leaders, etc. come not only from both churches but also from others in the town: the church in Abingdon isn’t just a token community - we all work together on lots of things.

‘Actually, we never mention denominations…

‘We’re working on trying to get another Messy Church started, persuading two other churches in the south of the town to work together - did I say we weren’t that bothered by denominations?’