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End of Term Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Dec 2007

We really thought there would be no one this month - well, perhaps a faithful few.

Messy Church was scheduled to be on the day after the last day of term for most local schools. It had to be then, as the week before was filled with Christmas events at school and church - Carol services, concerts... you know how it is. A quiet Messy Church would be no bad thing, as we were all exhausted.

But interestingly, we had about 70 people, some of whom can't usually come with their own kids but send them along with Granny. Because school had finished for the term, people were on holiday with their offspring and were delighted to come along and find out what it's all about for themselves.

It had a good laid-back feel to it, despite L, D and I knowing that we had to hold a dress rehearsal for the drama group straight afterwards.

So... holiday Messy Churches may be a good idea. Plus, one kind mum gave us a huge tin of chocolates as a 'thank you'. Fab!

Rose was off in the States in a desperate bid to escape any more cooking, so Robert took charge and made a remarkably cool Masterchef. Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out; our Rob managed to cook for 70 without effing and blinding at all.