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Faith at home - worship space

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2009

Elizabeth Caldwell in the book of the previous blog entry, Come Unto Me, describes a 'faith corner' in a home she visited (p. 115) and it got me thinking: perhaps as a take-away idea for Messy Church households, suggesting finding a space at home to put reminders of your faith and things to help you talk to and about God - things you make at Messy Church of course, a cross or picture of Jesus, a candle if it's safe, a CD of worship music, natural objects that make you praise God for his creation.

BUT perhaps too, include something that affirms your identity as a household or family - something from your country or county or town of origin (like a postcard or seedpod), something that affirms the tastes of the people in your home (like a football scarf or a CD). So that it links the very personal life of your home with the public faith of the church - an affirmation of both.

Maybe you could set up an example corner / shelf / mantelpiece actually at Messy Church so people could copy and adapt it.