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Feminism in messiness

Posted by Lucy Moore on 23 Feb 2009

An interesting meeting today with Dr Cathy Ross at CMS in Oxford. One joy of this role is that I get to meet experts in different fields and bounce Messy Church off their expertise, which they graciously and generously allow me to do. This was but an introduction for both of us: for Cathy to what Messy Church is all about, and for me to the heady world of feminism in mission. Or for that matter, in anything, as I am a complete wuss about such matters. But even I have noticed the importance of the role of women in Messy Church - how many Messy Churches are run by women, how it values creativity, nurtures the vulnerable, and empowers so many women of different ages to use their gifts for God. It's also the way Messy Church is structured "space for relationships, hospitality, very 'give and take'" between churches, an atmosphere of chatting about problems and encouragements rather than keeping them to ourselves, process being as important as outcome.

We need to think these positives through, and treasure what we have and what we can grow into as a diverse community.