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Five years old?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 13 Jul 2010

Has your Messy Church been going on for five years or more? Could you help Claire Dalpra, a researcher at the Sheffield Centre and a good friend to Messy Church? She writes:

'Are there any Messy Churches that have going longer than five years that wouldn't mind me turning up and asking them lots of questions?

I may have mentioned this to you already but for my MA dissertation, I'm planning to look at lay, volunteer- led fresh expressions and learn from those who have made it work longer term to help other fresh expressions in the future.

I've got a mid-sized community in mind to use as one case study and I would love to be able to explore a Messy Church example also.

A Messy Church case study in Yorkshire would be great for accessibility or East Anglia as my parents live there and can help me with childcare.'

Do contact Claire directly if you would like to be involved.