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The frustrations of letting go

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Nov 2007

It is so hard to do this Messy Church thing properly! Had we but space enough and time, and no life except church, it would be far easier. But we don't seem to be able even to meet and plan the immediate session in luxurious leisure, let alone make long-term plans.

I suppose this week is a bit of an exception as Lesley's mother has been ill and I'm out every evening strutting my stuff as Lady Bracknell down in Portsmouth, while Denise has been working as hard as usual both for money and for love, and all our families like to see us occasionally, but even so, the weeks gallop past and we simply don't manage to meet up to chat through the best way forward.

I've been blasting off emails but they make it all seem so fait accompli-ish. An obvious answer would be a dedicated worker for Messy Church to drum us all into shape, but that's a mega-undertaking financially and in terms of letting go.