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Growing Leaders in Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 10 May 2009

Lots of thoughts about leadership recently, including:

  • Messy Church is great for giving ordinary people a chance to lead in some capacity
  • It gives young people a chance to lead too.
  • It could be one way to grow leaders of the future in other spheres of church and society.
  • Messy Church leaders can feel justified in investing as much in the team as in the congregation.

So! A project for the not-too-distant future: how about a short, fun, hands-on training course for Messy Church leaders that would be a zillion light years off reader training or ordination training but might be the first tiny step for some people towards the meatier sort of leadership courses? There are so many areas that would give great scope for meaningful, useful sessions: the very practical craft or cooking side, how to welcome people, how to talk about God without going bright red, how to pray for people and lots more.

We could issue certificates for Records of Achievement files or for the kitchen wall, as part of the affirmation process.

If you might be interested in either collaborating to put together such a course, or in piloting it with some of your leaders once it's drafted, do drop me a line.