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Gwunder Chile

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 18 Mar 2016

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A new Messy Church registration from Switzerland made us smile as we read about their Messy journey and unusual choice of logo.

In 2012 Christoph Bleisch and his wife were visiting friends in Cornwall who introduced them to Messy Church. After their friend Doreen and another church member travelled to Hombrechtikon, they all experienced a Messy Church together and planned more during 2015. They wanted to find a name for their Messy Church as 'Messy' is difficult to translate in German. Using their Swiss German dialect, they chose Gwunder Chile, meaning making people curious, wondering what kind of church this is. It is like a nice muffin to try and bite into, so their logo is a muffin.

Building on their strong youth work, they invited the youth groups and their families on four Saturdays in 2015 and have more planned for 2016. They are praying about how the Lord will show them how to continue in the future. Please pray for their next event on 02 April.