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Happy New Year!

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Jan 2011

Hope 2011 is a corker for you and your Messy Churches!

I'm sorry I haven't posted a blog for aeons... my mother has already complained about it, but as I explained to her (do we ever stop being told off by our parents?), I've had my head down writing up background material for the soon-to-appear Messy Church - the DVD, so I just haven't had time. But let me tell you, this DVD is going to be cracking! Treehouse Media, who are producing it and doing all the clever technical things, have made a great job of it and I'm itching to have it on general release so you can all see it. What really peeves me is that every single Messy Church leader we put in front of the camera looks assuredly confident and glamorous and sounds articulate, considered and expert, whereas I come across as a mad-eyed extra from some low-budget zombie movie. Never mind. Everyone else is so good, they will more than compensate for my shortcomings.

And last September the regional coordinators got their heads together and produced oodles of ideas and suggestions from their own experience, which are now going into the handouts that will accompany the DVD and can be used for training and enthusing your team - they're fab too. What a great network of people we have.

Now I must go and browse the Internet for a suitable evening gown to wear in case BRF decides to hold a world premiere in Leicester Square. It's at times like this I wish we'd included an interview with Johnny Depp.

More news on the release date as soon as I can. Just save £9.99 of your Christmas present money to make sure you get a copy. Now... should I ask Versace to design me something with a plunging neckline and the Messy Blob all over it?