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Help us to write a book on Messy baptism - share your stories

Posted by Lucy Moore on 15 Sep 2015

If you're holding a Messy baptism or similar 'welcoming' service, I would be very grateful for your help to add to a book that I'm writing to resource those offering Messy baptisms.

Either a simple account of what you did, written by you, or the family's responses to the questions here would be very warmly received to make the book as grounded and helpful as possible.

Questions for the parent of the family

  • Why were you so keen to have a Messy Church baptism rather than a Sunday service one?
  • Did you have any concerns about having a Messy baptism rather than a more traditional one?
  • Can you describe the whole event? What happened and how long did it all last?
  • Was there anything that the children enjoyed particularly, and what do they remember about it now?
  • Was there any part of the service when you felt particularly close to God and/or to the church family?
  • Was there an opportunity for you to share the story of why you wanted your child baptised?
  • Was there anything which, in retrospect, you feel you missed out on by having a Messy baptism?
  • Did it change your attitude/feelings towards your Messy Church/the church as a whole?
  • What would you say to another family thinking about having a member baptised in a Messy Church?
  • And anything else that you feel is significant that I’ve missed out.

Please send your respones to lucy.moore@brf.org.uk.

You can download these questions as a PDF or as a Word document.