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Helpful ways to finance your Messy Church

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 01 Sep 2015

Helpful ways to finance a Messy Church: 

  • Borrow craft supplies and basic equipment from other people for the first few sessions: Brownie cupboards, playgroups and so on. Invest in your own when you are sure that your Messy Church will be long term.
  • Create a Baker Ross account (Messy Church at ‘somewhere’) and use the BRF10 voucher code for 10% discount on craft supplies.  
  • If your church already has a large banner, for an Alpha Course for example, use the blank reverse side for a Messy Church banner. Use a local printer.
  • The mother church pays for the mission in the community as a gift. 
  • Donation bowls/buckets are shaken during meal time, the Celebration, or the end of a Messy Church session. 
  • Organise regular fundraising events such as Cake or Table Sales. You can discover sellable craft ideas on our Pinterest Board.   
  • Each family is charged a minimal amount of money.
  • Core teams channel their regular giving towards Messy Church. 
  • Invite local businesses to become sponsors.
  • Be included in supermarket community schemes. Ask your local supermarket for help. Many employ Community Champions.
  • Messy teams share the crafts and food outlay.
  • Invite the Messy Church congregation to bring food for Messy meal sharing a couple of times a year. It could be cold meats or quiches and your Messy Church supplies the salad and bread rolls.
  • Supermarket bag-packing is a popular fundraiser. Invite different families to take part each time. Use this activity as a promotional opportunity by giving out leaflets.
  • Experiment with an annual rota of regular meals, such as baked potatoes, cottage pie, vegetable pasta and a sausage bake. Over time you may become aware of the shops offering the best value.
  • Invite all congregations and church organisations, including children’s groups, to collect recycling items such as cardboard tubes, collage materials, yogurt pots and so on. 
  • Prepare a priced shopping list of things you are regularly in need of. Invite people to buy something eg. Paint, glues, aprons...
  • Ask your Core Team where they go to do their family food shopping. If a variety of shops are highlighted ask them to look for food bargains each month. Use a Messy food checklist of basic needs such as paper plates, sausages, ice cream, for example. 
  • Apply for denominational mission grants. 
  • Apply for local councillor grants.

Questions to consider and pray about:

  • What does charging or offering Messy Church for free say about God to the families who come?
  • How do you think introducing money into Messy Church changes the relationship between the church and the families?
  • Would you like families to give in order to cover costs or to learn about God and money?
  • In an ideal world, how much would you like each family to contribute and why?
  • Does your church consider the regular planned giving from the Messy Church team members as part of the giving that comes from Messy Church?