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How do you welcome newcomers?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 19 Mar 2010

Traditionally a warm welcome in church might mean a smile and polite handshake. Jane reflects on the welcome of the Messy Church in Smethwick: I wonder if getting newcomers running relays within minutes of arrival could catch on in Sunday church? Jane writes:

'Today's long-awaited visit to see my local MC in Smethwick was one worth waiting for. Having first met with the vicar some 18 months ago, it was good to go and see what has been developing since starting last September. I was warmly welcomed by a team of MC aprons to discover more about the Last Supper.

'The leaders were all members of the church. Many have been members for a long time and some were related to one another. One mum aged 93 was leading bread baking today whilst her daughter was leading games.

'One person arrived for the first time, was also warmly welcomed and within minutes was running a relay race with her children to "lay the table". Part of the teaching time was done during the food time as they sat in a similar arrangement to that of the Last Supper and enjoyed their buffet tea and took some "broken bread" as the story was told.

'So encouraging to be part of such a warm an welcoming group that has only been in existence for the past few months.'