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If Messy Church really is church...

Posted by Lucy Moore on 24 Apr 2013

This blog explores what 'church' really is.

  • why would one Messy Church avoid all mention of the cross and resurrection and focus on Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs in its activities?
  • why did I include the line in Messy Church 2 that 'all adults must be accompanied by children'? A mistake I have regretted ever since it was published.
  • why are so many people shocked when we suggest Messy Church isn't just a stepping stone to 'Sunday church'?
  • what do you need to include in your programme to help build the church of tomorrow on firm foundations today?
  • how do you help people come closer to God through sacraments at Messy Church?
  • how does the network of Messy Churches avoid the ecclesiastical pitfalls of 'over-structuredness', hierarchical pyramids of power and bureaucracy and yet maintain a clear identity and accountability?
  • what do you need to cherish and pass on from our church tradition and what must you lay to rest as a worn-out convention that no longer serves God's kingdom or mission?
  • how do you make space for God to transform lives?
  • what does it say about the spiritual state of families in our communities and their attitude to the Christian faith, that we have 'Church' in the name and still people want to come?

There is lots of helpful guidance on 'what is church?' on the Fresh Expressions Share website.