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Jane the plunger

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2011

Many of you know Jane Leadbetter, my esteemed colleague. But what you won't know is that someone rang her after a recent event she ran to wax lyrical about the way Jane had changed the way she thought about what church is all about and how she suddenly realised that the rather elderly priest in their parish, a wonderful man, was treated as the only person to be allowed or expected to do anything.

The Messy Church demand for a huge team made her realise that all of us need to serve in church, and serve by leading if needs be - a huge step for this person who had rung up to tell Jane in great detail and with huge enthusiasm how blown away she had been by the realisation, and how she felt everything was about to change. 'You're like a plunger, unstopping our sink!' she declared.

The potential for appropriate Christmas presents for Jane is now enormous. But how exciting that Messy Church has been a catalyst for helping this person see church in a whole new light.

You'll be pleased to know that the enthusiastic caller is visiting Jane's Messy Church in the near future and that her priest is looking forward to coming too.