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Keeping a balance of messy activities

Posted by Martyn Payne on 25 May 2015

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I’ve got stuck into a lot of different craft activities on my many visits to Messy Churches – sometimes literally so! And I’ve seen so many creative ideas to help those who come along and explore the Bible story in a hands-on way.  The best Messy Churches have a balanced variety that tap into the different learning styles each of us have.  Here’s a creative checklist that might help you to review your range of crafts and activities each month:

Aim to include as many from this list as your space allows:

  • Something crafty but simple
  • Something cooperative and large
  • Something crafty but complicated
  • Something culinary
  • Something 'cool' - science-style experiment
  • Something chaotic - very messy!
  • Something construction based
  • Something challenging - a game
  • Something that involves colouring and collating
  • Something conversational - to get people talking
  • Something chilling - such as a reflective/prayer space activity
  • Something community linked - possibly a social action/fundraising
  • Something concrete and word based
  • Something cultural - connecting to faith around the world

A few years ago, we commissioned and collected Messy Church outlines for each of the books of the Bible - they can be found here. We also included a template that encouraged a variety of activities under different headings:

  • Something for younger participants
  • Something for older participants
  • Something for girls
  • Something for boys
  • Something that is word based
  • Something that is food based
  • Something that explores the global aspect of faith
  • Something that opens up great art
  • Something that is quiet
  • Something that is really messy

Whichever list helps you best, do be encouraged to offer a range of experiences to help people engage with the gospel through Messy Church!