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Lent ideas

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Jan 2013

Kathy Biles emailed from the Falkland Islands - can anyone help with Lent ideas? Email us.

We would like to do something along similar lines to 'Love Life - Live Lent' to follow on our February session 'God is love'. As Messy Church FI is completely self-funding, we are working on a shoe-string budget, so buying and shipping the LL-LL booklets is not viable. We're thinking of doing our own version - a calendar or booklet that people can take home from Messy Church (or pick up from some of our friendly shopkeepers) plus a weekly insert in the Penguin News, our national newspaper, so that everyone can join in.

Have any other Messy Churches done anything similar? If so, we'd welcome advice and any resources that they would be willing to share. And we'd love to hear about any other Messy Lent projects.

A response from Charis Lambert, Regional Coordinator in Morden:

Just read the blog post about Lent ideas- the Mother's Union had an insert in their magazine Families for January which has a load of ideas just like Love Life... Not sure if it is available online or whether the MU is in the Falklands but wondered if it would be useful??