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Martyn gets mathematical

Posted by Lucy Moore on 06 Mar 2014

Martyn got mathematically poetic recently about discipleship. This is thought-provoking:

I quite surprised myself by my response to the 'discipleship question' today! It was the vicar who brought this up. My reflections have taken a mathematical twist! Rather than add-ons such as messy moments and messy tea times... and rather than take-aways - in other words removing peer groups and put people into silos to explore faith on some sort of course... and rather than dividing up the messy congregation and thus losing its all-age identity which is what people enjoy and have committed to in the first place... instead it's all about the times that you are together! It's about multiplying the depth of the experience of what you already doing. In other words multiplying potential faith conversations at the tables where and when appropriate; multiplying the faith dimension for all ages in the Bible story in the way you tell it and the way you use interactive prayers; multiplying the opportunities at the meal table to talk about what you have just experienced, be it writing on the table cloths, as our Jane has suggested or using messy messages to God... or just having more table talk. In other words the key to journeys into faith at Messy Church lies in a multiplication of what we're doing rather than a take-away, add-on or divide-up model that is traditional discipleship!