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'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Discipleship

Posted by Florence Jones on 06 Jun 2016 (0 comments)
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Round 6: 'Maximising the Mess' - How can we encourage discipleship in Messy Church?

Messy Churches are learning about discipleship and how to do it in this Messy context, with families who have never been part of a church before. It's an ongoing process and we haven't yet reached an ultimate solution: we don't think we ever will! But we are learning lots, thanks to the wisdom and generosity of teams around the world who are so pleased to share, and we want to share some tips with you. 

We hope this will give you some helpful tips and hints. Let us know if you've got any ideas for other people to use or if you've tried any of these yourself. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

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