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'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Liturgy and Messy Church

Posted by Martin Gee on 23 May 2016

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Round 7: 'Maximising the Mess' - Liturgy and Messy Church

Especially for some Anglicans, as well as for people in a few other denominations, liturgy is an important way of worshipping and learning. We might laugh off its importance; we might assume that the apparent chaos of a Messy Church session has little to do with formal liturgy. But if liturgy, at its root, is 'the work of the people' (as the literal definition suggests) and entails the people of God contributing in a fully participatory way to worship, perhaps Messy Church has a lot of liturgy in its lifeblood already. Here are ways of exploring and growing liturgy that make sense in a Messy setting.

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