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Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Doncaster

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 22 Mar 2018

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Welcome to Alison Powell, your new Regional Coordinator for the Doncaster region of South Yorkshire. We are delighted with this appointment and the link it has with the Centenary Project in Sheffield.

Alison says, 'I was introduced to Messy Church by a young curate, Carl, who served in our parish about eight years ago. I loved the energy, the Mess and the amazing opportunity it gives us to bring Jesus into people's lives. Carl has a lot to answer for as it was his encouragement and enthusiasm that led me to children's work and I have been working in a volunteer role as a Children's Minister for the past seven years. After 19 years of service, I recently left a role in the peculiar world of IT for a large bank to join the Centenary Project for the Diocese of Sheffield as a Children's and Family worker for three churches in Doncaster and also the Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Donaster.

'I love to spend my spare time crafting and enjoy being in the great outdoors. I am excited about my new journey with Christ and hope that I can share this journey with lots of new Messy people!'

You can find your Regional Coordinator on our website. Please contact jane.leadbetter@brf.org.uk for any information about Regional Coordinators.

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