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Messy Communion

Posted by Lucy Moore on 09 May 2013 (5 comments)
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It's a while since we talked about Messy Eucharists. Chris emailed today asking if we knew of any happening, especially in an ecumenical setting. I've blogged in years past about St Wilf's ventures into the sacraments, but now that the website lets us take comments (whoop), and now that there are many Messy Churches who have given it a try, can we share some more experiences of Messy Communions?


From Jane Leadbetter on

L19: Messy Sharing, in south Liverpool, with the theme of The Lord's Supper and a Messy Communion, was so very special and shall remain always in our memories as the most respectful, joyous, all-age celebration which we can't wait to repeat! We used the excellent script in Messy Church 2 which worked well with ninety of us, linking up the crafts, preparation of the table and serving each other. We added 'I wonder' questions at the Messy meal time and responded with comments written on the paper table cloths. View photos of the Messy altar cloth plus more at:

From Carole Davison on

Wish I could comment - chance would be a fine thing. Glad it's happening somewhere though

From Jill Keefe on

Hi, we are doing the Remembering Chapter from Messy Book 3 this month. It suggests a Passover/Communion meal. A member of the team has expressed concerns about this not being suitable or reverent enough (we also have a very young group) and I was wondering if anyone else had experience of this.We are in Interrregnum at the moment so can't even ask the Vicar! Thanks.

From Chris Harris on

I just thought what an excellent idea to get feedback via comments on a paper table cloth. Simple but effective!

From messyclares on

Hello all at Messy - was hoping there would have been some updates on the liturgy to be used for Messy Communion , and how to address the issue of inviting ALL to the Lord's table - please help anyone x