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Messy Hands - Training in Makaton?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 11 Mar 2013

Trish Hahn writes:

I have a question related to Messy Church and Makaton. As you know our Messy Church is for kids with SEN and we are using Makaton more regularly at each session to include it during worship and story time. I am on a closed Facebook site called Additional Needs Alliance which brings together parents and youth workers within church setting to discuss ways to include those with disabilities/additional needs. So far several people have said that they think use of Makaton within worship would be beneficial to those who are limited in communication.

The question is are there any Messy Church leaders in the UK expressing interest in using Makaton within their own Messy Church service ? If it were widely available in a training or regular setting perhaps there would be more families whose child/ren have disabilities who would regularly come to Messy Church.

What would Lucy and Jane and the rest of the BRF team think about expanding Messy Church into a Messy Hands offshoot to include training and resources for Messy Church leaders?

Any thoughts? Please email us