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Messy Links in a Chain

Posted by Lucy Moore on 18 Aug 2015

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Great example of God using individuals and various forms of church to draw someone closer to him and to bless them. Thank you to Charles Sugden from Locks Heath for sending it in:

I would just like to encourage you further with a phone call I received yesterday from one of my parish community. Through St John's School he had come with his young daughter to Messy Church and we had got chatting several times as the crafts took place.

Later he came to me in his honest way, describing his car accident years ago which had left him with some damage to his brain, but which he was gradually recovering from. I talked with him and prayed for him in my study. Weeks later he contacted me again, asking if there was any avenue for voluntary work I knew of. Hearing of how he took great joy in driving other disabled people round to do their shopping with them, I pointed to Age Concern, which had just contacted me as a church leader, asking for home visit volunteers to the elderly. I passed on to him the details.

Yesterday he was phoning to wish me well in my new post, to which I move later in the autumn, in Bristol Diocese. He wanted me know how much he had been helped through my ministry. Even though he has rarely come to Sunday worship, he sees God working and speaking - through me among others. He is now seeking a reference so that he can begin paid employment in the care sector. It was an emotional call, from the heart, and again I was able to point to Jesus as the one who enables us to call God our Father, and come into personal relationship with him. He promised to come to my farewell service with his family.

But there is a life touched physically, emotionally and spiritually, through which a whole network of witness (including the vital link in the chain of Messy Church) is changing his life for the better through the grace our our Lord Jesus. Please pray for N and his family, that they may come into full partnership with God and His church.