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Messy Merchandise

Posted by Lucy Moore on 27 Jun 2011

Several people have contacted me recently asking for branded stuff with the Messy logo on.

We don't stock many non-book items at BRF itself for lots of reasons that I won't bore you with, but if you would like to order things from the companies below that we know and love and trust and who have an agreement with us to give BRF's Messy Church a percentage of their sales of Messy things, everybody will be a winner.

For posters, banners, invitations, T-shirts and badges, please go to Christian Publishing and Outreach CPO.

For anything in the craft department, including some rather brilliant flatpack prayer trees about which I intend to be enthusiastic on another occasion, for big red messy blobs in plastic, for almost anything in wood, plastic or card you can imagine with the Messy logo on, contact Ruth at Infinite Crafts with whom we are gradually building up a portfolio of gorgeous messy crafts that are for when you want to do something a little bit special. There are some Harvest ideas already available, but we'll be sorting out some lovely things for Advent Christmas soon.