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Messy Merchandise

Posted by Lucy Moore on 30 Nov 2007

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My two brothers have come up with the idea of producing some merchandise with a Messy Church logo on.

Unlike them, I run whimpering for the hills at the thought of commerce, but something in me does warm to the idea of providing the possibility of good quality stuff that would

a) be actually useful at Messy Church sessions
b) would go back into homes and help families feel that they belong to the Messy Community by reminding them of its existence.

Something about reinforcing the identity of who we are together, in the same way that people wear wristbands or t-shirts to make a statement about the group they choose to belong to.

Would anyone want it? Would anyone see how useful it could be to keep people mindful of Messy Church and by extension of Jesus in the rest of the month? Fliers, posters, invitations to overprint, sticky labels, bags for taking things home, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, pencils, candles...

You can get almost anything personalized these days, and if we could get it at a reasonable price, might it be helpful and valuable for other Messy Churches? We need to ponder it. Wonder if a chain of bakeries would do us a MC bun?

My brothers: Would you trust these men with your aprons?