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Messy teenagers and drama

Posted by Lucy Moore on 04 Feb 2013

Caroline Chichester in a very rural setting in Salisbury Diocese emailed with news of her wonderful teenagers: I started a monthly Messy Church- style service a couple of years ago which is called 'Lovely Cake'. A few months ago the older children in the group (years 6-8) asked if they could form a separate group, although they continue to come with their families to 'Lovely Cake'. We began a few months ago and they decided to call themselves 'Awesome Cake' - continuing the cake theme! I met with the five girls who originally formed the group back in November and asked them to consider the Christmas story, to extract what they felt were the truths God was revealing to us, and then to set those in a 21st-century setting. The girls are aged between eleven and 13. I had no idea what they would come up with or whether it might work as a play - but I was thrilled with the result. The girls were so engaged with the whole project that we filled 15 of the 17 parts, only having to double two. At our last 'Awesome Cake' meeting, those who had taken part were invited to come and our group has grown from five to twelve!