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Messy values - creativity

Posted by Lucy Moore on 02 Jan 2013

It's great to get thoughtful responses to the E-News- you may remember that this month's includes some questions about the activity time of a Messy Church and the value of 'creativity'. Dermot Wynne from St Francis of Assisi in Welwyn Garden City was kind enough to send his thoughts. I don't think he has any doubts that the activity time is much more than a bit of fun.

Is the activity time in Messy Church just a crowd-puller, crowd-pleaser and time filler?

All three plus many other things as well.

Is making things something only children should enjoy?

No, everyone, including helpers, get great enjoyment from Messy Church.

If Jesus came to your Messy Church, what would he be doing during the activity time?

Helping in every corner - and probably in total amazement at all the modern materials!

Is the ability to take risks something to do with discipleship?

Don't understand the question.

Is playing a waste of time?

Playing is never a waste of time and playing is always improved when it is part of an activity like Messy Church.

Can healing happen when people allow their God-given creativity to run off the leash?


Can real learning happen through hands as well as through ears?

Not only through hands and ears, but also through eyes, mouths and noses.

Can worship happen through making, creating, playing as well as through listening, singing, praying?

Yes, yes, yes.

What turns the activity time into the best church learning and worship it can possibly be?

Because the activity is full of fun, happiness, love and care. When all of these come together life - whether young or old - improves.

And what stops it being this?

Only any negative input by the helpers.

In our church (St Francis of Assisi, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire) Messy Church has and is helping to improve, not only the learning, but the happiness of all the young children who attend.