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Messy Vintage Coordinator

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 21 Jul 2016

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Welcome to Katie Norman, our latest coordinator with a specialist focus. Katie is our first Messy Vintage Coordinator supporting the wonderful work among older people.

Lucy Moore shares the Messy Vintage story:

'A while back, I jumped on a plane to Jersey to visit Katie Norman at Philadelphie Methodist Church. I was intrigued by what she'd written about a venture her Messy Church was undertaking as they responded to a local need for older people to have access to the creativity and hospitality of Messy Church. I was moved, thrilled and delighted with what I saw: a steadily increasing series of steps into mission and ministry towards people on the edges, giving them the chance to take part in gathered accessible worship with all the values of Messy Church but at a pace and sustainability that honours their stage of life. The church put on what they call 'Messy Church Community' for more mobile older people in their church building but also have a growing number of teams taking it out to care homes, including to people with dementia. It's inspirational Kingdom stuff.

We've heard whispers and rumours on the Messy grapevine of people in other churches doing something similar with third and fourth agers, including BRF's own Debbie Thrower of The Gift of Years. So we feel that now the time's right to give this ministry more recognition and opportunity to be learned from and replicated, in the same way that it's helpful for Messy Churches to have a focus through the name, the BRF Messy Church team, the website and the Facebook page.'

We're delighted that Katie Normanis our first Messy Vintage Coordinator and that she'll act as a focus to encourage similar projects to create a long-distance community of support and encouragement. If you'd be interested in exploring this idea of Messy Church among older people further - or Messy Vintage as we're calling it - please read p16 of the latest issue of Get Messy! which has an article mentioning it, or get in touch with Katie at katie.mcvintage@gmail.com 

You can find other Coordinators with a specialist focus plus Regional Coordinators for Messy Church support on our website.

Contact Jane Leadbetter jane.leadbetter@brf.org.uk for any enquiries regarding becoming a Regional Coordinator.