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Minibook - the red one

Posted by Lucy Moore on 23 May 2018

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It's here! Family Jesus Time is up for grabs and the BRF gnomes are poised at the warehouse, eagerly awaiting your order. (Maybe not gnomes: warehouses are a mystery to me. Could be pixies.)

This is a happy minibook. Jane, Martyn and I enjoyed pulling it together and arguing about what discipleship means. How many family discipleship books have you got which feature a holy hat? How many of those theological hardbacks on your shelf mention washing an elephant? 

The idea is that if a family has sounded enthusiastic about Jesus, you might give them a copy of this book to talk through, scribble in and disagree with at home. Then you might pop round and ask if they have any questions and perhaps share a few of your own questions. Or you could pop a few copies out on a table at your Messy Church and let people explore for themselves. Or send them home with baptism families, toddler group families, Sunday church families, families at your local school: anyone you come into contact with who's interested in finding out what it means to follow Jesus.

Let us know how you find it. You might even be challenged by something yourself, just as we were when we created it. Reviews are always welcome. Enjoy!