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Posted by Lucy Moore on 31 Jan 2008

Back on 28 November 2007 I wrote about applying for money from the Diocese to do some pioneer work on discipleship with Messy Church families.

We've been granted it!

This is very wonderful and completely terrifying. No excuse now to put off doing anything about developments, so the whole area of 'But it might not work / it could all go horribly wrong / what if no-one wants to do it? / we might FAIL' suddenly rears its ugly head like a mythological monster.

I find myself in a bit of a stew about the daunting task before us, but doubtless after the planning team have met tomorrow over lunch and chewed over sandwiches and possibilities, it will all seem more manageable. I do hope so.

P.S. Bliss! My cup overfloweth. Who could have foreseen the glory? The deliciousness of it?

It is splendid enough to be invited to come and run Messy Fiestas in Kings Lynn or Mickleover or Truro, but to have an invitation for September to run a Chester Fiesta (go on, say it out loud)... what can parallel this?