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More reflections after the September Messy Church

Posted by Lucy Moore on 21 Sep 2007

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One mum who has been coming for ages is a member of another local church. She is deeply loyal to her church but said to Paul last night, 'The only worship I get that I can relate to is once a month at Messy Church.'

God, forgive us as a church for short-changing you in this chronic way. Show us passion and vision. Add your yeast to the lumpy dough. Make us a community of people with purpose. Help us open the windows to a kingdom that is irresistible and everlasting. Let your sun rise.

Read Families with Faith (Scripture Union) in the doctor's surgery - very short. Useful bit about church meeting families at times of crisis, both positive (like birth of child) and negative (like death).

A Prayer for Messy Church

Dear God, you give us so much.
Help Messy Church share your love with families.
May each family feel the warmth of your welcome.
May they share your joy of creation as they make things.
May they love to hear your story and praise you.
May they find your sustaining power in the nourishing food.
Let each family grow in your love.
And help all the leaders and helpers, young and old
to be Christ to them.