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New Recruit to the Messy Church Team

Posted by Martyn Payne on 03 Sep 2014

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Say a messy hello to James Pegg! 

James has just joined the BRF Messy Church team as an Intern for this coming academic year.  James is also supported by The One Programme which is run by the Methodist Church.  James will be joining us for some of our events, going with Martyn on his messy visits and making a few of his own, with a particular focus on looking at 'teenagers in Messy Church'.

James is part of a Salvation Army Messy Church in his hometown of Wellingborough.  He has been part of their Essential Young People's training programme, is a cricket coach and plays in his local Army band. He has also worked in his local Disney Store!

James will soon be up and running at BRF and you will be able to contact him with your reflections and stories about including teenagers in your Messy Church team or welcoming them to your Messy Church community.  We'd love to hear from Messy Churches which are taking the involvement of teenagers seriously and have stories and good ideas to share.  Be in touch with Martyn and then perhaps both he and James can come and see you sometime?! 

As you can see from his smiley photo, James has now lowered the average age of our team considerably! Hurray!