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Regional Coordinator for Exeter and East Devon

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 27 Apr 2018

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Welcome to Mel Cleveland, who is your new Messy Church Regional Coordinator for Exeter and East Devon. Mel has years of Messy experience and says:

'We had been running successful Children's Holiday Clubs for years in St Laurence's Church, North Coventry, but had always struggled to stay in touch with the families when the clubs finished. Then I met Lucy at an event and realised Messy Church was the missing link! We bought the book, gathered (well, cajoled and persuaded) a team and off we went for more than a decade. Messy Church simply changed the way we did church! So, now, my husband and I have retired to Exeter, having handed over to a great team, and I'm looking forward to joining in with all things Messy as the Exeter and East Devon Regional Coordinator. I love getting out and meeting new people, having a go at anything, gardening and being near the sea.'

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