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Regional Coordinator for North-East London

Posted by Jane Leadbetter on 26 Jan 2018

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Welcome to Tom Donoghue, who will be praying for and supporting the registered Messy Churches in the North-East London region. Tom is the Family and Children's Work Coordinator at Loughton Methodist Church. We are delighted that Tom has joined the Regional Coordinator network and encourage any unregistered Messy Churches in the North-East London region to register and get linked up to our Messy Church BRF family! 

Tom says: 'My first experience of Messy Church was when I was invited to share the story at a friend's Messy Church in South London. I did not really know what to expect but I loved it! I loved the mess, the fun, the relaxed style which certainly made a welcoming atmosphere and I remember a yummy roast dinner which was enjoyed by everyone. It was the start of my Messy adventures and I have now been running a Messy Church since May 2016. I love being a part of the Messy Church movement bringing church to ALL people from ALL walks of life. I love the way it invites and welcomes and provides church in a way that people are happy and comfortable to experience. I enjoy being creative and I am a member of my local Amateur Dramatic Group.

'I have seen Messy Church expand at my own church with a Messy Mum's group, successfully piloting Messy Vintage and a Messy Breakfast/Bible Study for the helpers and leaders. We also put the new Messy Church Does Science resource to the test with a Messy Science Summer Holiday Club, which was great fun. I can't wait to see it grow as more leaders rise up in this movement. I am also very excited to be supporting and praying for the Messy Churches in the North-East London region and I am looking forward to getting to know them this year.'

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